Fersher and croots done
Colemans 9 23 16 jpg
7 29 16 mackeys
6 26 16 lindys
5 28 16 sideouts and 6 4 16 white tavern
Reggies 5 3 16
Spring sesh final edit33
Mothers 2 18 16
Riverside 1 30 16
Final lamps 10 17 15
House cafe 10 10 15
There's a whole lot going on in FERSHER these days!  Family members are being added both to the band and our lives.  Most of us have taken on family lives with little ones.  And we are continuing our epic adventure of bringing an album to life!  Though it won't be done as soon as we all hoped, we want to HONESTLY THANK  all of our friends, family, and fans who support us.  Rather than ask for donations on a website, we record with what comes from our shows and merch.  So without the support of you this would never happen!  Currently, six songs are recorded and we will be doing a few more very soon.  This album will be full of positivity and love as we create it with our growing families.  Keep in touch with us!  Seeya soon.

 the band
Riverside 8 29 15


Double door 3
Fersher l